MyProfilepic name is Jordan Moss I’m a avid 3D, Digital and Traditional Artist. I studied A-Level Fine Art and I’m very interested in 3D art and I’m aspiring to do 3D game design in the future.

This blog is a storyboard of development from my own work and progress throughout it, as well as a personal blog It serves as a place for me to post others Art I enjoy as I am very interested in creations others make. I plan on making a few tutorials rather than just document everything like a giant portfolio as I like helping others with programs they may be having difficulty with.


Over the years I have developed experience not only within Digital art but also within Traditional art, I started drawing young and it bloomed into a hobby and then a fascination resulting in me developing my skills within the Traditional sector and later going on to study art within A-Level. I am currently studying Interactive media within college in order to develop my skills further so I can reach my final goal of being hired within the gaming or film industry.

This blog will feature latest works from my interactive media course throughout my development to show my progress as an artist, I have not really collected my artwork in the past due to the fact I don’t particularly like looking at my ‘Bad work’ hopefully this blog will change that notion so that others and myself can learn from the mistakes that I make during my progress throughout the Art world.


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