Oracle – Game Environment for college

I’m currently doing Interactive media and was given the task of producing a final major project of my choosing, so I decided to get on with it and make a modular environment within cryengine before I go to Uni and do My BA in Game art.

Screenshots and breakdown below

I was given a month overall to do this project, but all in all I ended up with only 4 days to create the assets and make the level because of time issues.


Here’s the result.

Some breakdown shots of modular parts.

  1. dazzeh said:

    Nice work for 4 days 😀 somewhat surprised you managed it to be honest. That’s the beauty of working in modular I guess. I was going to mention it to you earlier but some of your cubemaps don’t appear to have rendered correctly, looking at the hologram in the first and second screenshot in the puddle it appears offset, there’s also a blue smear on the floor in the third shot. Seems to be more of an issue with CryEngine rather than your work flow though and if people are running through this area I doubt they’re going to notice. Or maybe it’s to do with placement of your environment probe.

    Other than that the assets are decent and the textures are good, awesome job my man 😀

    • Yea its the environmental probe placement, as the cubemaps blend using alphas it uses the nearest to the player. Because the cube maps are in every corner it uses that map rather than the correct one physically.

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