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ZBrush Sculpt







Final Model is only 738 Tri’s and more than game ready. I will be uploading a rock a day but probably wont do it to the extent of this post, maybe one GIF and a ZBrush screenshot next time. I really don’t think people are that interested in the details.


Next Gen Game Asset - Davis OHM Meter

I developed this primarily after looking at an old fashioned Ohm meter that had all this wear and tear on it, I gave myself the challenge of finishing the model and texture within one day and surprisingly did it.

Here’s a video turn table of the Ohm meter, just to show it’s all real time.

I made this using Zbrush while paying close attention to creating something that resembled a CCTV Camera but my plan is to mount the camera on two legs, producing a mech like recon unmanned vehicle.

The 3D design is based upon some rough sketches I lay down from my head, most of the inspiration comes from MGS and the old Super 8 Camera. Diepod1_Planning

I made this using the concept art from daisukekazama on DA It's fully game ready and at a polycount of 6K which is fairly extensive but that is without any form of cleanup on the low poly mesh.

I Also made a variant with the textures and produced the one below. Texture Presentation SideView_M720_variant