Anamorphic Artwork of Thomas Quinn


Looking at the artwork above it would look almost normal at first glance but seemingly like it couldn’t exist within the 3D space it inhabits, the image below shows exactly how it was achieved by using an artistic technique known as anamorphosis. Within Anamorphosis there are two main types that exist, perspective and mirror. Perspective anamorphic images were first seen back during the Renaissance (15th Century) as for mirror anamorphic images they were first seen around the early 16th century.

Thomas Quinn uses perspective Anamorphosis to make simple typography almost magically appear out of thin air, looking at the image from a different angle you can clearly see how the typography was painted onto the walls in a way that displays the final image but only from a specific angle.



Thomas Quinn is a graphic designer living in Chicago Illinois and also the principal designer at Blank Is The New Black a creative studio that keep’s an eye on new trends in design, but always choose’s smart design over fashionable design. The designer uses many different types of art to create illustrations and typo-graphics in simplistic yet smart ways.

After looking into some of his artworks I’ve become inspired to make some anamorphic typography similar to the style of Thomas Quinn.





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