Figure drawing Practice

Figure drawing practice, I’ve been starting to draw digitally since I acquired a digital tablet that has a working pen in order to push my skills more towards character concepting, I have a background in traditional art but haven’t drawn in a long time due to converting from paper to pixels.

I hope other people have gone through the struggle of transferring their skills from traditional Art to Digital and it’s not only a phase that I myself am going through.

Here are some of my Figure drawing practices over the space of a couple of hours the other day, for some reason I felt a spark of creativity and wanted to tackle the thing I find the hardest, Drawing figures.

Figure drawing_30Seconds

(getting accustomed to painting digitally)

Figure drawing_4mins

Figure Drawing 60 seconds twice over for each character, showing shadow value

Figure painting1

Quick painting test

drawing practice1

Figure stances and lean pose’s


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